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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Blogging ... LIVE!!

Posted: 2005-11-09T20:46:32Z

... from the Shenanigans Pub on Bodanplatz!!

Yes, Konstanz has an Irish pub. In fact, it has TWO Irish pubs, only a couple of blocks from each other, and owned by the same people. They have recently both put in free wireless internet. Of course, the first one we went to, Shamrock on Bahnhofstrasse, had a busted adapter. So after Josh gave up and went home, I came over here (I hadn't even known this place existed until informed by the apologetic waitress at Shamrock) and, assisted by the British guy on staff who suggested I move across the room for better connectivity, successfully got my computer connected for the first time in three months. McAfee will hopefully stop screaming at me now.

I have to go home soon, so the dwarves will have to wait, but I suspect I'll be back soon.


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