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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Concerts: 2. Grace: 0.

Posted: 2005-11-02T09:35:15Z

Since arriving in Konstanz, I have planned to go to two concerts. One was a performance of the Brahms Requiem in the Basilika Birnau (across the lake, between Überlingen and Meersburg, insanely Baroque interior). This concert was at the end of September, when even figuring out where Birnau was and how to get there was an almost insuperable challenge. It was the same day we first went to church in Zürich, and as it turned out I would have had to leave for Birnau about five minutes BEFORE we got back from Zürich, in order to make it there on time. I had decided the previous night that in any case, we were spending too much money and I didn't want the headache. So we just drank Most and ate Kuchen in the Marktstätte.

Yesterday, however, I had every intention of attending the concert of the Mozart Requiem (and the Jupiter symphony) in the Konstanz Münster. It (like the other one) was supposed to begin at 5 (this seems to be a popular hour for concerts in Germany; I suspect a conspiracy between the musicians and the restaurateurs). So at about twelve minutes before 5, I sallied forth from our door on Konradigasse to the Münster, which is about a two-minute walk away.

The place was MOBBED. There were probably three hundred people outside the west door, most of whom appeared to have tickets, but there was also quite a scrum around the ticket table. I shoved my way into said scrum, but not quite soon enough: when I was still about two places away, the guy behind the table threw up his hands and shouted, "Kein Platz mehr! Kein Stehplatz mehr!" In other words, the place was sold out, including standing room. Those of us still wanting tickets kind of looked helplessly at each other and then began to drift away.

Yoicks. I can't believe they sold out the MÜNSTER. Die Bädische are either more musical than I thought, or more religious than I thought. Lesson: next time get over fear of speaking German on crappy telephone and order tickets in advance, or at least show up half an hour early.


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