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Friday, November 25, 2005

From one African bishop to another ...

Posted: 2005-11-10T09:12:30Z

Confidential, from St. Augustine to Peter Akinola:

"Sometimes we also do things which have every appearance of being sins against nature or against our fellow men, but are not sins because they offend neither you, the Lord our God, nor the community in which we live. ... But when you suddenly command us to do something strange and unforeseen, even if you had previously forbidden it, none can doubt that the command must be obeyed, even though, for the time being, you may conceal the reason for it and it may conflict with the established rule of custom in some forms of society; for no society is right and good unless it obeys you."

If even the Prude of Hippo could write like that, it does leave some room in the tradition for the movement of the Spirit, no?


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