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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

if i had a brave face

Posted: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 09:59:24 GMT

Source: I'm doing 12.30 til 2.30 today but Richard just rang because he couldn't remember what he'd told me to do today and he thought he'd told me to take the day off, but I reminded him of the right times and he asked if I could stay til 4. I said no and told him I had to go and see my little brother because it was his birthday (well, it was his actual birthday last week but I couldn't see him then becuase I was working, although I didn't say that) and he said how late could I stay til, so I said 3 because I didn't want to say I couldn't stay late at all. My dad's supposed to be picking up at 3 though, and it can't be later cuz he has to pick Arran up from school in Kettering at 3.20, so I shall have to run back from work which should only take a few minutes. And my work trousers are quite nice so I'll only have to change my shirt.

But then I have both Saturday and Sunday off, yay! No idea what my shifts are like next week because I haven't had a chance to look at the rota yet. I wonder if it'll closer to 39 hours like my first week, or 20 hours like this last one. Now that they have another full-time person it probably won't be as much as 39.

Work isn't really stressing me out anymore though. I get tired and pissed off with it sometimes (well, often), but it doesn't really make me anxious, and that's good. Anxiety is an awful feeling and it makes everything twice as hard. I can cope with being tired and pissed off.

I should get paid very soon. I think. I gave them my bank details on Tuesday. The form said "attach ID" though and I have no ID so I just ignored that bit and Richard didn't look at the form when I gave it to him and he was too busy for me to ask about anything to do with it. I think they'll give me a cheque if they haven't got the bank details sorted. But then, they probably want ID before they pay me at all. All this trouble is making me wish the government would give us ID cards after all, although I don't know enough about the issue to really say I agree with it. It'd just make a lot of things easier for me.

I am putting off reading Thud! til I finish my library book. It's Closing Time, the sequel to Catch-22. I can't work out if I like it or not. I loved Catch-22 but I don't know if it really needed a sequel. And I'm nor sure if the same themes work in a normal world rather than a war zone. And it's a bit repetitive. I'm not far in though so maybe I'll like it more as I go along. It's probably just cuz I'm rushing myself a little bit.

Two Blockbuster DVDs came today - Shooting the Past, which has Liam Cunningham in it sighing a lot, and Star Trek IV (the one with the whales and time travel in it), which is the only original Star Trek movie I've seen but for some reason I've seen it loads of times and I love it and am going to make Chris watch it. Lucy might be coming over on Saturday to finish watching Falling For a Dancer with me.

Chris and I had a big argument last night because he ate the last of the cheese, not in a sandwich or anything just on its own cuz he was bored, and I was mad at him because I had wanted the cheese in an omelette and I kicked up a big fuss and he made me a plain omelette but he wrote "i love you" on the plate in ketchup and then I stopped being mad at him :]


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