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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Right. Dwarfs.

Posted: 2005-11-10T10:53:04Z

When we arrived, Konstanz was full of dwarfs.

The German word for "dwarf" is "Zwerg" which is just an inherently amusing word, and it seemed to be a nice public art project, like the bears in Sankt Gallen. Unfortunately, some stupid people were unable to resist doing things like throwing rocks through the "Dream Dwarf"'s beard and knocking "Emperor Constantine" off his stand, so the dwarfs got rather battered. Stupid people. And now the local free rag that gets stuck in our mailbox twice a month has run an unexpectedly touching article on the departure of the dwarfs (apparently, they're going to be removed and sold on EBay this month - phooey!), including "interviews" with several of them ranging from one who can't wait to go back to his family, to one who regrets losing the nice view and interactions with people from all over the world, to one who just asks to be taken to the doctor, to one who says, "well, Konstanz is very nice for people, not for dwarfs" (he's the one with the hole in his beard) to one who, on being asked how he feels about leaving, says, "Leave? What? Why do I have to leave? Where would I go? I'm the Konstanzer Zwerg! I'm staying right here!" It's all very cute, and features a cartoon of the bandaged, beat-up dwarfs marching sadly away while Imperia (the statue on the wharf) watches. On the front page there's also a picture of a dwarf holding a sign saying "Keine Gewalt gegen Zwerge!" (Stop Violence Against Dwarfs!)

Whimper! I want the dwarfs back!

Update: This post has been revised to regularize the spelling of the word "dwarfs" in accordance with the wisdom of the Princes in "Into the Woods" ("DWARFS!!"). However, I'm not going to bother to fix the other posts.


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