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Friday, August 05, 2005

Random links and an update on my life

Posted: 2005-07-26T02:05:50Z

Interesting/surprising/cool stuff stumbled across in my daily surf:

John Roberts' wife, Jane, is a member of Feminists for Life, an anti-abortion group that actually - gasp! - focuses on preventing unwanted pregnancy!

Wish there were more of those.

Meanwhile, I stumbled across Big Mama's Church of Christ the Girlie-Man, which is worth a look. She transcribed an article from the SF Gate giving mad props to Episcopalians (in fact, madder props than we deserve in these fractured times; see my comment).

And, in the Just Your Basic Way Cool Stuff department, organic campus farms are sweeping the nation. No mention of Yale, though I spent an hour yesterday afternoon hanging out with Yale Sustainable Food Project summer farm interns eating Newman-O's and watermelon. One of them was dressed exactly like Huck Finn and was making Chinese fermented tea.

I had the time to find all this stuff because I'm bored at work. Yeah, me of the ridiculously exhausting driving-a-truck-shoveling-mulch-planting-trees-can't-keep-up-with-my-phone-calls job. There's an inexplicable low point right now and I'm waiting for two people to call me back who probably won't and I'll have to knock on their doors tomorrow. So I'm occupying the better of the two office computers (the one that doesn't constantly vomit up porn pop-ups despite having Google Toolbar) and fielding Nextel calls from my coworkers who are driving trucks and asking me to call their community contacts and tell them they'll be late.

I got home at 9 last night after two fun and successful plantings and devoured a giant plate of homemade sweet-and-sour pork (I love my house slave, ahem, sorry, husband; what am I going to do when he leaves on August 10 and I have to cook my own dinner?!) and listened to the cliffhanger ending of the Sox game. And cleaned the kitchen; I swear, I clean in this weather and 15 minutes later everything is disgusting again. It doesn't help that the entire front room is buried in boxes and books that have been pulled off the shelves. I'm trying to type all my seminary notes into my computer, and fretting that I have enormous gaps in my knowledge of New Testament criticism, Anglican moral theology, and "studies in contemporary society including racial and minority groups" - 2 1/2 of the GOE subject areas. And that I'm going to pay more arms and legs than I actually own to ship all the books over to Germany to study for them. And I'm dealing with the subletter, the landlord, the person taking over the car, Continental Airlines (I can bring two huge bags, my backpack and my laptop case, but I have to stuff my purse inside my backpack ...), and ...

Fun stuff on the horizon:

Monday: Thrift store shopping spree. Whee!
Next Friday: Singin' in the Rain, free, on the big screen, on the Green. Josh has never seen it (!).
Aug. 19-21. Grandma's house, with crazy aunt, uncle and cousins.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Posted: 2005-07-18T15:28:40Z

They keep cancelling my plane tickets!!

I found cheap fares through, twice, and each time an email has arrived a few hours later with the following cheery message:

SWISS AIRLINES was unable to confirm your flights/fare for the dates you requested. At present, you have no reservation, nothing will be charged to your card. Please go back to the website and try alternate/dates/times/airlines or you can call us at 619-435-2147, thanks for using our website...

When I called the first time, they just said the airline had "withdrawn the fare" AS I was booking it. I wonder what they'll say this time. ARGH!