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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Things we brought back ...

Posted: 2005-08-10T16:05:44Z

... from the breakup of the Orono household:

a barometer
a beat-up circular rag rug
a salad spinner
a dirt sifter
a rake
a ladle
a red plastic toy boat
large box of vestments (to be handed over to the Revvy Reverend, who is physically very similar to Josh's dad)
a dresser (big and evil to carry, but nice once it's in)
a high chair (no, I am not pregnant; it didn't fit in storage)

Things we didn't bring back:

a 7' long couch - Dan decided it would be impossible to get in the door

Fun stuff we did:

eat burgers and corn on the cob
watch Sox beat Twins on NESN
play in the waves with boogie boards at Higgins Beach

Unfortunate crap that happened:

see Josh's blog for account of Dan's problematic landlord/UHaul situation. Rumor has it the landlord's kid is in the hospital, but that doesn't excuse the landlord's AGENT's incompetence and inaccessibility. So we spent an hour sitting in the parking lot of 90 Cumberland Avenue in Portland while Dan called people on his cell phone who didn't pick up, and eventually talked to the guys working on the apartment who said it wouldn't be ready till today. As of last night, he had apparently gotten in, but still. This family has clearly run out of apartment rental/renovation karma.