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Friday, August 26, 2005

One more reason ...

Posted: 2005-08-13T20:04:34Z

... to be sorry I'm planning to come back from Germany:

the extreme coolness of their energy plan. 65% renewables by 2050, baby! And shut down those nuclear plants!

Incidentally, with regard to nuclear, it drives me NUTS that 95% of the time when it's mentioned as an "alternative" to fossil fuels, the journalist/interviewee/pundit/whatever doesn't bother to mention that in fact, the mining, processing, transport, etc., of nuclear fuel takes HUGE amounts of fossil energy. All those trucks and earthmoving machines run on GAS, people, and the power plants powering the refineries run on COAL. Nuclear is NOT carbon neutral by any stretch of the imagination. Whereas yes, it takes fossil energy to build a windmill, but the FUEL is carbon free and lasts forever. I can't get all that bothered about nuclear waste - it just doesn't push my buttons like global warming does - but this wilful blindness to the actual climate impact of nuclear drives me nuts.

I suppose you could switch to biodiesel backhoes and renewable-powered refineries, but then why bother with the nuclear at all?

Anyway, read the article about Germany. I need one of those posters.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lesbian swans!

Posted: 2005-08-12T17:04:51Z

The "Romeo and Juliet" swans in the Boston Public Garden are a same-sex couple!

Read the article for an asinine quote from an opponent of same-sex marriage trying to avoid the obvious conclusion that same-sex relationships are, like, all over the place in the animal world (um, not so unnatural, folks? OK? Gay penguins are cute!).